About Us

Hi there! Welcome to Grace & Feminism. We’re so excited to have you here. Grace & Feminism was created by a collective of women who identify as followers of Christ, feminists and also millennials. It can feel lonely sometimes, identifying as a feminist follower of Christ, and while there are so many amazing people who have come before us, like Glennon Doyle Melton, Jen Hatmaker, Sarah Bessey and Rachel Held Evans, sometimes you just get hungry for the realness dished by people..well..of your own age. That’s why we created Grace & Feminism. We wanted to share our highs and lows in our walk with the Lord with the world, so maybe some other women out there, like us, wouldn’t feel so alone. So welcome, friend! And join us, on this journey.

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I’m part of Grace & Feminism because our stories are important, and I hope that my stories can make someone out there feel a little less alone.”



I’m so excited to join a community of sisters who are willing to be vulnerable, to support each other, to figure out life together. Community is so important and I want to be a part of something that can help someone out there remember that life is crazy, but God is always good.”



My hope is that my stories can help others feel less isolated and like they’re a part of this community too!”



G&F is a space for those of us who feel feminism is an integral part of church, Christianity, and our world today. We’re all trying to navigate life as adult women, in this crazy, diverse, difficult, amazing world and this community gives us the chance to do so together. “



I believe that Jesus taught a radical love that is lost today. I am excited to have found a group of women who interpret the Gospel in a similar way and I have a passion to share those Gospel ideals with others. “

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It was on my heart to be the kind of Christian woman I want to see in the church.”

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I hope to join you in your own stories and hopefully, it’ll feel like talking with an old friend. Grab some coffee – we’ve got a lot to talk about.”



I truly respect people, especially women who are committed to cultivating a positive, open dialogue around Christianity and Feminism. There are so many misconceptions about both in today’s world and I am drawn to a platform that supports resolving some of these challenges.”




I believe that our stories have the power to change lives, and I want to help other women realize their worth and potential.”




I believe in the mission of teaching feminism and activism to Christian women.”





Through my own journey, I realized the power of community, particularly between women.”